These are the most popular questions that people wish clarification on when first finding out about the Foot Solutions franchise.

Q. What kind of experience do I need to operate a Foot Solutions store?

A. This is a retail service business that requires sales, management and personnel development skills. You do not need any prior experience in the pedorthics, orthotics or retailing. You will need to leverage your strong business management skills with our experiences, training and support.

Q. Do I have to personally manage my franchise?

A. Our highest performing franchisees understand and immerse themselves in their business. It is your sales and marketing efforts that will drive the business success. Many of our franchisees also own multiple locations. Even though they are not active in day-to-day operations of all of their locations, they are still managing the growth of their network of retail businesses.

Q. Do you provide training? What assistance is provided in staffing my business?

A. Foot Solutions provides a comprehensive training programme for its franchisees, managers and technicians. Our own Foot Solutions Pedorthic Training Centre in the USA is a fully-certified facility. We have developed systems for effective recruitment and human resources management, a performance review system and offer attractive pay plan options.

Q. Is the training mandatory? Is there a fee?

A. Training is mandatory. You must attend and successfully complete the Foot Solutions training programme. All initial training fees are included in your initial franchise fee. There are additional training options available.

Q. Will Foot Solutions find me a suitable location?

A. We have hundreds of retail locations in operation and know what works and what doesn’t. As a result, we have developed and will provide you with tools for reviewing potential sites. We are available to provide consultation regarding locations, visibility, retail store size, and local demographic analysis. All potential sites are subject to Foot Solutions consent and approval. Our professionals can even assist you through developing a letter of intent and lease negotiations.

Q. What kind of advertising programmes will I be required to participate in?

A. We have developed targeted advertising and promotional programmes at both the consumer and regional levels. These programmes enable our franchisees to focus on and establish their customer base quickly. Our approach includes direct response programmes concentrating on the area surrounding your retail location. Additionally, we have developed specific marketing materials dependant upon market dynamics. All stores are given a local website upon opening that helps expose their store online.

Q. Is financing available?

A. Yes, there are many ways to finance your Foot Solutions franchise business. While we do not provide direct financing to franchisees, we are happy to discuss various alternatives such as those through the franchise departments of the high street banks.


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